Last update: November 1, 2016

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History of the T5 Registry

The author’s interest in T5s started in 1977 when a strange Mustang was offered for sale in a nearby town. With misgivings due to the cars poor condition, a deal was made for $800 and the car was driven home. Considerable damage had been done to the passenger side sheet metal and the engine barely ran. It seemed to need everything. The strangest part of the car was the T5 emblems on the front fenders. Removing them showed a FoMoCo logo on the reverse, yet no one seemed to know the exact meaning. Several calls to Ford Motor Customer Service in Dearborn resulted in almost no useful information. Finally, they suggested I call Ford export in Wixom and talk to their Customer Service department. The representative I spoke with knew exactly what the designation T5 was and provided many valuable insights into the project. At this point my interest was really peaked and I started on a mission that continues to this day to learn everything I could about the Ford T5s. A big break came in the early 1980s when I placed an ad in the “Mustang Wanted” section of Hemmings Motor News. I simply asked for any information about a special Mustang called a T5. Several very nice people called and wrote me with information and some even were owners of T5s and didn’t know what they had. I started collecting VIN numbers and soon was complying all this on an early IBM PC. These early efforts resulted in the Ford T5 Directory, at some point the name was changed to The Ford T5 Registry.

The first restoration of the my T5 was completed in about 1980. The car was driven to Mustang shows in northern California and to Santa Barbara. In 1994 it was driven to the MCA 30th Anniversary show in Charlotte, NC with the Mustangs Across America caravan. During a trip to the Seattle area in 1995 engine trouble started and I decided to do a complete restoration once again. In 1999 it was the lead car for the Mustangs In Motion caravan from Las Vegas to Charlotte for the 35th Anniversary show. In 2004 it was driven to the 40th Anniversary show in Nashville again with Mustangs Across America. Each year I try to make a least two Mustang related shows somewhere in the western United States or western Canada. The car has been a joy to own and is now considered part of the family.

One of the most often asked questions about the T5s is “how much is it worth?” The general consensus is a T5 should command a premium of about 10% to 15% more than a standard Mustang for model years 1965 and 1966. This premium is about 5% to 10% in later years.

The Registry has grown slowly and steadily which now tracks about 340 known T5s. A big influx of T5s were located in Europe thanks to the efforts of Wolfgang Kohrn of the First Mustang Club of Germany. The growth of the Internet has helped locate many of the cars. The Registry now grows more slowly, about four or five cars a year, so maybe most of the existing T5s have been located. Due to computer storage limitations all production numbers for models years 1965 and 1966 have been lost and cannot be recovered. However, all 67 and newer T5s have been verified for this edition of the Registry and from this point forward all 67 and newer T5s must be verified before they are placed in the Registry. Verification must be done by Kevin Marti of Marti Auto Works.

The Ford T5 Registry is still active and looking for additional cars to add to the registry or any other information concerning T5s. If you have any questions or information to share, feel free to contact us directly via our web form, or contact the First Mustang Club of Germany.